Development Week 14

This week I’ve been very busy.


  • Added the new Gui components made by Tom
  • Coded the menu Navigation
  • Added The Mix Page
  • Added settings page
  • Created a loading visualiser
  • Coded theme selector which saves to the device for next time.
  • Coded score screen
  • Coded new lose condition
  • 100 shots fired
  • Coded the new movement of cannon and firing method
  • Removed unwanted parts of code
  • Fixed most of the bugs  .
  • Experimented with faces


Screenshot-2015-02-21-18Screenshot-2015-02-21-18.47Screenshot-2015-02-21-18.247Screenshot-2015-032-21-18Screenshot-20153-032-21-18Screenshot-20153-0332-21-18Screenshot-20153-03332-21-18Screen2shot-2015-02-21-18        Screenshot-201353-0332-21-18


You can see I’ve added simple googly eyes to each of the X’s. It gives so much more characteristic to the game and they look adorable.There’s also many different animation effects I can create such as

  • blinking
  • burps
  • blowing a raspberry
  • wandering eyes
  • happy/frown faces
  • cheers
  • spins
  • foot stomps
  • wobbles
  • bounces

The colourful ones look more childish and the classic theme you can select would suit more of the mature audience.

I’ve used a teal colour to match the GUI components that Tom made. I’m not 100% sure that its the best colour for the GUI and background but it would be short work changing it. In the next couple of weeks I’m going to need to get testing on different colour pallets because I’m still really unsure what will look good. I definitely think there needs to be some sort of artwork for the background, some kind of cartoon scenery. I’m re-evaluating the use of the cannon and have though of using a bouncy trampoline instead with all the little X characters in a line waiting for their go. I hope the team at the Mix will like it which I’m going to show to them next week.

I’ve added all the navigation elements so the player can pause the game, go the main menu, settings, the mix page etc. and I’ve fixed a lot of the bugs.

I’ve coded all the parts of the iteration I’m working which includes the new way to fire. From initial play testing its so much more easier and the flow is so much better. You can fire as quickly as you want with a tap of a finger.

There is a limit on how many shots you can fire. It was 50 but I found that it would enable just over 10 shapes so I changed it to 100 shots which seems better.

There will need to be very important play testing this week. I need to find out if

  • Players like the new X characters
  • Cannon firing method and movement
  • Their preference on swiping to aim the cannon or just a tap
  • Number of shots is enough
  • colour palette.

Tasks I need to focus on are:

  • Visual hierarchy of the next shape (making it more obvious)
  • Code the new bomb
  • Decide on last power up and code it
  • Create X animations
  • X sound effects
  • Movement of the Mix page words as you scroll down
    • Link to their website and facebook like button
  • Rewards

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