Development weeks 12 & 13

Last week I looked into getting Facebook to work with the game. I installed the Facebook unity integration package and I set up developer settings for the app on my Facebook account. It was a lot trickier than I first thought which took a lot longer. I managed to bring up a GUI element where the user can then login and for testing I used a special user credential login which worked. However it seems as though I cant test any of the other features out until I make the game public on Facebook. I’m going to push this back for a couple of months to get better understanding of how to use it and also because I think there is more important things I should get done first but its good to have this part in place.

One of the big things on my mind right now is how I give personality to each of these Xs. I’ve experimented with trying to animate it as arms and legs which didn’t work so well, and overlaid a few facial expressions on top as a pattern in Photoshop which also looked a bit weird. I used Flash to try to animate it. The problem I was getting was pulling at the edges of the X manipulated it too much. I’ve found a new way which include using the anchor points and moving whole sections of the object, the problem is the fact it limits me on how it can move, and might look a bit stiff. The animations will play when another X has landed on a space next to it. The kind of animations I’m think of are happy jumps, spins, tall stretches, foot stamps and bounces. I think this along with some funny high pitched character sound effects would feel really good.

I’ve re-jigged my timeline and in 1 week I’m going to be making a few of these animations and getting them working with the game.

I’ve also been working on re-implementing the power ups with the new GUI along with the scores showing. I’ve also created an animation of the X bursting. This looks really good. I used Adobe after effects and mainly used the bulge, bevel alpha, pattern and turbulent displace to get the effect I wanted. I then rendered it into a sequence of .png’s and used texture packer which fits all the images into a sprite sheet the best way to utilise the space and also tells unity how to pick them out.

I feel the game is slowly starting to pick up pace and I’m more confident with how to animate as well as getting Unity to play different animation states when I want it to. Although I’m slightly lacking in blog posts, I’m hoping the next 3-4 weeks will give me time to do the research I need to do on Game-feel and game balancing. Meanwhile I have the team at the mix working on other aspects of the game such as Buttons, sounds, menus and other designs so hopefully things will all get put together in around 4-5 weeks which will be a vast improvement to what the game is looking like now.

Popping3 Popping2 Popping1









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