Meeting with the Mix

Today I went down to Stowmarket to see Ryan, Lucy and Tom. There were some key things I wanted to discuss. I showed them two versions of the game. One was using The Mix’s colours and the other was more colourful. It also had a bevel effect with the X’s which made them stand out a bit and created a shine to them.

Capture Capture2


Unfortunately the team wern’t too keen on the brightly colored Xs or the bevel and said it was out dated. They also mentioned the GUI element that uses the Mix’s colours clashed with the new colours. Its a problem because I feel the colors need to be more exciting. We had a debate on whether it was possible for the user to change the theme of the game which should be fairly easy to do. I was thinking of 2 themes, the classic mix theme and a jelly theme. What we’re going to do now is go back to the original colors and improve the background and change the bevel so it is less curved.

We spoke about UI elements and I showed them some examples of other Games. Tom is going to create around five buttons with the same style experimenting with colors and shapes.

Ryan is going to be making sounds for the buttons with a hit & release effect and the sound of the X’s swapping which we’ve decided will be a short airy whistle. He’s going to be starting to experiment with theme sounds by making a little jingle that lasts for over 30 seconds that will loop and wont be irritating.

I’ve also asked for promotional material so we can start putting together The Mix page. One of the ideas we had was instead of having lots of text we would instead have one of their moodboard of words that has been used on a sign and as you scroll down the page the words and images appear from different directions. At the bottom they’ll be links to the website and the Facebook page.

Tom will also be looking at the Main Menu and working from Sam’s game title logo to produce something which is more clearer on the game title name. The main menu will include the mix’s logo, game title and Play button. At the bottom of the screen there will be small button icons which would lead to Highscores, The Mix page and settings.

I also got into contact with Tommy Human who was part of the Brix team and is still involved with The Mix to see if he could help me re-design the cannon for the game, something which looks quite unique. He replied to say he would be happy to which is awesome. I gave him more information and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Lastly we spoke how we could make the game more rewarding. I mentioned some feedback I received, a way to do this could be to show feel-good words that would pop out of where the player swipes a shape. They really liked the idea and they will be helping me to come up with different words to use.

For the next couple of weeks i will be integrating facebook, creating X explode/pop animation, the mix page, rewarding words, applying UI elements and re-styling the game components.


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