Development Weeks 8 & 9

On week 8 I coded a line that would be drawn from the last hit X to the players finger. This was very tricky because the line render within unity was difficult to use. Firstly the line kept bending in 3D space when I added another point and also the colour wasn’t showing very well. A lot of the online forums say to use a different shader but when I did, playing it on a mobile heavily effected the frame rate. Alot of people where suggesting Vectrocity plugin so I downloaded that and it made the line drawing so simple to use and is good for mobile devices. You can draw them using Vector2 screen coordinates or Vector3 world coordinates. Creating lines now tells the player when they have swiped and if they have swiped it correctly or not. I also had the job of removing the line when the player wants to go back. This was also very tricky and had to use a method of finding the previous X and removing the current X out of the list of swiped X’s. There was also a lot of play testing to iron out the bugs.

I also created an animation where the background square morphs into and X using Flash’s shape tween.

On week 9 I gathered all the feedback that I received, put my head down and got on with it. There is a lot going on now.

  • The game goes through 2 phases. The first phase starts with the cannon firing at 4 seconds apart. Its a nice relaxed speed and people can plod along but during 2 minutes of play the game gradually speeds up so the gap is now 1 1/2 seconds apart and then quickly drops back down to 4 seconds. This is shown using a thick line on the side of screen going up and down. When it drops back down the player is heavily rewarded for getting past that phase. It is a very enjoyable anticipation and feels very nice when the tension is released.
  • I’ve changed the way the player can manually shoot, they can just do a simple tap. This enables the game to have different player skill levels and the faster the player can shoot and swipe, the more likely it is for them to get multipliers and they get rewarded. It also means the cannon doesn’t move when the player shoots.
  • I’ve created a score system with multipliers. Every X that gets removed increases the multiplier by 1. The base score is 20. My highest score is 111,000! The multiplier disappears after 10 seconds.
  • I’ve added 1 power up. The ability to swap 2 x’s and at the moment you can use it 10 times. This will be changed so the player will have to use money to buy more. Money will be exchanged for points gained on previous rounds. The ability to swap X’s is really good and enables people to think 2-3 moves ahead. This is going to require a lot of testing to get the cost right.
  • Conditions have been changed for the cannon. It stops firing when the player is swiping and when they are using a powerup. 2 seconds are added after a swipe so the player can process the new order of colours.
  • Sounds added

Overall the game plays very well and nearly concludes my first round of iterations. The task now is to get people to play it again and see how it does now. I’ve got to now think about GUI and the tutorial aswell has new cannon designs, the next x jumping into the cannon, and animating the next shape when it changes. I’ve had some feedback from this weeks Creative Computing Club who have said its really addictive which is what I’m going for.

I’m fairly behind on my planned blog posts. However some I think maybe irrelevant now so I’m going to be re-evaluating my timeline to prevent it from getting me down and according to what I think is important and will benefit me in decision making for the progress of the game.


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